The Baroque Vineyard styled photo shoot amalgamates the essence of classic wine country with an elegant hint of old world charm. The romantic celebration is inspired by the era’s majestic conventions that resonate luxury through vivacious floral styles and elaborate ornate décor.

A curated ensemble of fine blooms radiate over its soft silver conjunctions with lush hues and dramatic textures. The blushing tones in silver chambers are embellished with heirloom inspired fine accessories that elegantly illuminate the colorful collective. The beautifully bold motif is further detailed by the exquisite stationery created to resonate the luscious palette of the vineyard landscapes.    

The Chantilly lace Finnley gown by Modern Trousseau graces the century old willow trees and lake. Wisped away by the Silver Cloud III, one is suspended by the triumphant expressions of tradition and luxury.

The gourmet wine beverages crafted with aged spices and hibiscus petals await an aromatic getaway. The romantic celebration further dazzles with a crystal encrusted Dori gown by Haley Paige that symphonies a display of sweet delicacies.

An en plein air affair showcases an array of vineyard culinary classics including the garden gazpacho and gourmet charcuterie. This delectable feature borrows traditional fine ingredients complemented by a sophisticated level of refined finesse. Bustled between the golden vineyard brings forth the formal table scape impressed with an aerial trillo of robust blooms.

Logo PLE 2016 - Duo Fern Only.jpg