When others covet sunny beaches and exotic destinations, we could not help but to swoon over the beautifully lush retreat of Madsen’s Greenhouse Banquet and Chapel. The unique north Toronto venue debuts its charisma with massive live green walls, larger than life plantation and a selection of garden ornaments throughout the space. The concept of Botanical Bliss playfully re-invents the disposition of weddings by infusing classical features of an elegant tea affair paired with surreal indoor garden serenity.

The styled photo shoot welcomes with an array of suspended crystal chandeliers cascading over the soft and bold pink flower centerpiece. The fresh blooms set the tone with contemporary hues of pink, but stays true to the classical definition of celebratory posies. We curated the tablescape with Miranda Kerr's newest collection of fine china by Royal Albert, which is accompanied by Vera Wang's bridal selection of golden cutlery and crystal stemware. The elegant display of place settings were graced by the aromatic wonders of Sloane Tea Company. Collected from some of the world's finest estates and gardens, the luxuriously unique teas enact as fanciful keepsakes.

Handmade candles embellished the table ensemble with hand poured tea lights and pillar candles crafted with eco-friendly soy wax and garnished with fresh petals and gold mica. Heirloom Keepsakes refreshes the antique touch of the event design as exhibited by the one-of-a-kind display domes and jewelry holders made with vintage saucers, glass encasing, porcelain and golden stems.

The Christo's gown, Mia alongside Hayley Paige's Petal gown adorns with the utmost charm and luxury. The gown selections are a true representation of effortless beauty. Paired with bespoke accessories by The Loved One, one is presented with an exceptional collection of jewelry pieces that includes beaded hair pieces, crystal-encrusted belts and precious gem earrings. The celebration of craftsmanship is furthered by the delectable sweet notes with their array of wedding cakes, meringues and cupcakes that interlace exquisite flavors with intricate handmade details.