|  Leanne & Klaus  |

Written by our beautiful couple:

With only two months to plan our wedding, we envisioned a classic meets modern and elegant intimate affair. We also wished to incorporate our Asian and German backgrounds. We chose the University Club of Toronto, a heritage site as our venue. Our ivory and blush colour theme matched well with the Georgian architecture and its green and pink tones. We had our ceremony (with roses presented to our moms) in the library with music played by a harpist.

There was delicious food and drink at our cocktail reception and dinner. We entertained our guests with games, three dress changes including a Vietnamese traditional dress, and danced into the morning, while partaking in the late night station of sweets and savoury dishes. Our guests enjoyed heart-shaped German Lebkuchen cookies and our wedding cake incorporating two flavours - our love of chocolate mousse raspberry cake and an Asian fusion cake of Matcha Green Tea and Red Bean. And as our wedding fell on the weekend of the Asian mid-autumn festival, we gave wedding favours of mooncakes in addition to Bobbette & Belle monogrammed cookies. Another German touch was presented in the format of a game called Hochzeitsherz (Wedding Heart). It's pretty simple. It's just a bedsheet or curtain with a big heart drawn. The couple is to cut out the heart, which symbolizes cooperation in marriage.  The first person to finish their half is deemed the one to "wear the pants" in the relationship.  When the heart is cut out, two guests hold up the sheet and the couple walks through the heart-shaped hole together to symbolize their first step together into their marriage. 
We would not have had such a memorable wedding without our families' help and our vendors – thank you!

Photography: Dmitri Markine