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We celebrated Joanne and Cody’s engagement at the historic Estates of Sunnybrook. Posed as an intimate craft workshop, the couple enjoyed an afternoon delight of sweet treats, quality time exploring the estate, and experienced a beautiful craft session full of calligraphy and artisan stationery design.

For the occasion, we styled a duo of spaces, which paired dark and lush tones in the dining room setting, alongside light and airy details in the craft space. The two areas were embellished with pops of red, plum, black, ivory and gold to create a dynamic representation of seasonal color and textures throughout. The space portrayed hints of old world charm with elegance and beauty. The calligraphy style also paid tribute to the classical elegance of the craft and space.

Amidst the workshop, the opening of a handwritten love note prepared by Cody manifested a beautiful new journey for the couple. The sweet note was presented as a proposal, and the content was no other than that of a modern poet to that of his love. And she said yes!