Custom Fine Art backdrops and hand-held luxury for your wedding and everyday sophistication.

A tête-à-tête between two friends, fellow artists and wedding enthusiasts ignited a new journey that merges passion, artistic value and wedding design together. Founded by Phoebe as a means to develop a whole new style of creative decor concepts and fueled by Stephanie's unique craftsmanship and artistic handling, these two sparked the beginning of Painterly Posies. The unique collaboration is managed by the Phoebe Lo Events team.

Additional services include:

  • Custom hand painted backdrops

  • Hand painted and floral design fabrics

  • Craft and Paper floral designs

  • Specialty keepsakes

*hand painted backdrops can be rendered as artwork post celebration

For orders and inquiries, please get in touch

Images left to right: tambourines, painted canvas linen, fresh floral favors

Photography: Rhythm Photography & Marccuci Photography