|  Stephanie & Carlo  |

As sweet onlookers of all things romantic and inspirational, we captured the uniquely creative wedding proposal story of Stephanie and Carlo this past summer.

A scenic stroll down the historic village of Unionville makes for an elegant summer adventure with a variety of tale-telling historical settlement and architecture nestled in this charming destination. Stopping by the Old Fire Hall for a little "sweet love", the day's events ensured a visit to Blossom and Bloom, a creative market that idealizes the perfect summer getaway for the couple. Stephanie - a Toronto artist - thoroughly enjoyed the en plein air bazaar that delicately unites local handmade artisans, crafters and urban floral designers together in a single event.

There is no irony that this elegant summer market would offer a one-stop shop for a unique selection of wedding and celebratory inspiration for the soon bride-to-be.

Venturing into the scenic walking trails, Carlo orchestrates a surprise appearance of the Big Love Ball - a celebrated Canadian art creation - setting the tone for the important moment.

Upon a beautiful summer evening juxtaposed with the organic sounds of neighboring birds and the whistles of the summer air breezing through century old willow trees, Carlo asks for the hand of his love, and the answer was simply beautiful. Stephanie said yes with a smile that ignites a new journey for the two

Photography: Rhythm Photography